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Neurofilament(pNf-H)-high sensitive ELISA

Highly sensitive ELISA for the determination of the phosphorylated heavy chain of the neurofilament (pNf-H) in serum and plasma.

  • Reliable – Completely validated, based on 30 years of experience in the development of IVD
  • Unique – EUROIMMUN is the only manufacturer of IVDs for pNf-H determination
  • Fast – Complete analysis in less than 3 hours
Measurement range9.4 - 1.000 pg/mL
Sensitivity (LOD)6,1 pg/mL
SampleSerum, plasma, 50 µL
Incubation time2 h, 30 min, 15 min


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Details Product No. 6562

neurofilament (pNf-H)
highly sensitive determination
in serum and plasma
Order No.
96 x 01 break apart
EQ 6562-9601


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