• NEW! EUROMicroblot – New Generation of Blot

    With EUROMicroblot, EUROIMMUN introduces a new efficient blot technology, which is now available for Lyme disease diagnostics. The miniaturised immunoblots in microplate format allow high-throughput analysis with minimal hands-on time. ELISA and EUROMicroblots can be processed in parallel on the same automated instrument. The EUROMicroblots are reliably evaluated using the new Microwell Imager and the proven EUROLineScan Software.

  • EUROLabPolaris

    Trendsetting software for intelligently connected IIFT diagnostics
    Via EUROLabPolaris, indirect immunofluorescence data can be transferred securely to several locations enabling central evaluation  within the software to make full use of expert knowledge.

  • Preanalytics for dementia diagnostics

    Our new brochure explains the most important pitfalls in CSF-based dementia diagnostics. Based on concrete examples from representative studies, the effects of different laboratory practices on the measured beta-amyloid concentrations are demonstrated.

    Please request a free PDF copy of your brochure here.

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