Specialised and individual

At the EUROIMMUN Academy qualified experts in medical laboratory diagnostics provide intensive theoretical and practical training at a high scientific level. The trainings comprise all topics from clinical pictures to diagnostic strategies, reagents, automation solutions and workflow generation based on laboratory software. The training content is optimally matched to meet the requirements and knowledge of the participants. Moreover, the courses are offered in different languages, e. g. German, English, French, Arabic, Swedish and Hungarian.

Every year, the EUROIMMUN Academy receives more than 1000 guests from over 100 countries, including customers, technicians, field staff and employees from all EUROIMMUN subsidiaries and distributors, to undergo scientific trainings. The trainings are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

EUROIMMUN AcademyInternational Training Centre
Mia Nankman
Tel.: +49 451 2032-9921
Seekamp 31
23560 Luebeck, Germany
Ines Nitschker
Tel.: +49 451 2032-9922
Schloßstraße 11
91257 Pegnitz, Germany

Tel.: +44 20 85459434
131-139 The Broadway
London SW19 1QJ, United Kingdom
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